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Here's what our patients have to say:

I am very pleased with the care I received with Dr Slywka and his staff. From the moment I walked into the office, I was treated by a very friendly, caring staff. I was accommodated quickly and efficiently on the pre-op day as I had to go to work that day.The day of the surgery I was again treated with a friendly and efficient staff. I was informed everything that was going to take place. My fears were lessened. Dr Slywka is a very caring and skillful doctor, I felt very comfortable that I had chosen the best doctor to take care of me
— Ann W.
Doctor Slywka and staff are wonderful! They made my experience comfortable and were very sensitive to every aspect of the procedure. Everything expected was clearly communicated and I am so happy with the results. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
—Debby C.
Dr. Slywka and his staff were outstanding during my procedure. The were warm and caring but also efficient and well organized. I would highly recommend Dr. Slywka and his staff to any patient considering a face lift procedure. His bedside manner is the best.
—Ann F.
I am so pleased with Dr Dr. Slywka, his staff, and my breast augmentation procedure. Everyone was warm, caring, and welcoming. Dr. Slywka did an amazing job and the after-care is exceptional. I would feel very confident referring any friend or family member to Dr. Slywka. Wendy C.
—Wendy C.
My experience with Dr. Slywka couldn’t have been better! I am extremely happy with my new body. His staff made me feel so comfortable and I would recommend him to everyone. Thanks,
—Courtney S.
I want to thank every one in the office that helped me so much and took such good care of me. Thank you - you are in my prayers
—Lori M.
I am a very thankful patient — I thank you every day! You changed my life so much.
Sincerely -
—Lori B.
To Dr. Slywka and all the girls - I just wanted to say thank you for all the help these past couple weeks, getting ready for the surgery. I have enjoyed the staff. All of you have been so pleasant and patient and I couldn’t ask for a better doctor & staff. Thank you again for everything.
Sincerely —Kelsee C.
Dear Dr. Slywka Please accept my heartfelt “Thanks,” for your compassionate, kind & loving care. It means the world to me to have absolute faith in you. I must also mention that your staff exude such kindness, care & compassion. Thanks again.
— Becky C.
Just a brief note to say “thank you” for the care I received during my procedure at your office. You and your staff were such a blessing (especially Kathleen).
—Mary S.
Dr. Slywka and his entire staff were the ultimate in professionalism. To experience their expertise in plastic surgery is one of trust and knowing that you are cared for in every respect. I am so pleased with my “natural” look. Dr. Slywka is the best!
— Jean S.
Thank you for your kindness and care. I am so happy with the results and I sincerely appreciate your professionalism.
—Jenna L.
It has been six months since my liposuction surgery and I just had my last follow up visit with Dr. Slywka and all is going well. I will now see him in a year to access how I'm doing at that time. Wonderful is an understatement concerning Dr.Slywka, his genius and talent have made my lifetime dreams come true.
I recently had some liposuction surgery done to remove some fatty areas around my waist I was never able to lose. The procedure was not uncomfortable in any way. The staff and Dr, Slywka made the entire procedure so pleasant that I really don't remember any thing afterwards that made me feel uncomfortable. Later on that first day after I got home I only took one pain pill and there was no need for another.
I would tell anyone considering such a procedure that it's made me extremely happy and I'm sorry I waited so long. I'm 68 years old and for the first time in my life I feel like a new person with the confidence and joy I've never experienced before. It's so exciting to now look into my full length mirror and consider it my "best friend".
The staff and Dr. Slywka made the whole experience so wonderful and relaxing that I wasn't even nervous before the surgery.
Dr. Slywka is not only talented, he's by far the best cosmetic surgeon anywhere. He is soft-spoken, informative and, above all, a really kind person. I can honestly say he's changed my life for the better, and if you are considering any procedure with him, you are one lucky person.
—Sincerely- Marilyn M.
Dr. Slywka is more than a surgeon -- he is an artist.
As I look at the results in the mirror I can envision him painstakingly working on every detail of the muscle, not just the skin. I so appreciate his dedication to producing enduring results that enhance natural beauty. I wouldn't even think of letting anyone else touch my face. And the office staff! that's not staff, it's family! I always feel treasured and nurtured when I'm at the office. I hardly know how to express the care with which they handle each of us.With appreciation and admiration.
—Brodie K.
Dr. Slywka is hands-down the BEST plastic surgeon that I know. His professionalism, vast knowledge in his field of expertise, and his genuine concern for his patients, gave me the confidence and assurance that I was in the right place when seeking a doctor. The positive experience that I had with Dr. Slywka was reinforced by his incredibly responsive, caring and amiable staff. I would highly recommend Dr. Slywka and his staff for ALL of my plastic surgery needs and I look forward to the next one...(soon!)
— KM
Dr. Slywka is an excellent doctor, a skilled facial artist with very natural looking outcomes. He works with the skin and muscle, too. I had eyes, upper and lower, neck, plus facelift. It was like stepping into a time machine. I'm glad I did it sooner, rather than later to enjoy it longer! His great staff gives constant follow-up. The in-office surgical room/unit and private exit mean no over-charging to "rent" a surgery center. It meant a better value and flexibility for me. I recommend Dr. Slywka!
—Kathy (age 54)
Words cannot express how thankful I am for what you have given me. My chin has bothered me for so long and now, when I look in the mirror, I feel complete. You did such a perfect job and I feel so confident and good about myself now. Thank you for giving me such a beautiful, natural and perfect face.
—Laurene C.
I have always been impressed with Dr. Slywka and his staff. The office is very outstanding along with the way it is set up. I have been coming to the office since 1980. Several of the staff have been with the doctor since then. It truly is a family and they make you feel very comfortable. I have referred Dr. S. to many of my friends and family. They have been very happy with the results. He has truly helped me ease into each stage of my life with a smile on my face. Thank you! Thank you!
—Cathy D.
From the first phone call to set up a consultation through the post-operaative follow-up appointments, Dr. Slywka and his staff never ceased to impress me with their care, concern and interest in my comfort. The people in the front office were incredibly friendly and are happy to answer any questions. The nurses are wonderful, my comfort and well-being were always their primary concern. Dr. Slywka is the perfect doctor, warm but professional, comforting yet detailed in explanations. The entire office is to be commended for creating such a warm and caring atmosphere while delivering absolutely outstanding patient care. I highly recommend Dr. Slywka to anyone considering plastic surgery of any kind!
—Judy M.
I am completely satisfied with Dr. Slywka and his office staff. Dr. Slywka is an outstanding doctor and a true artist. His work is superior. I feel very fortunate to have had him. He is number one in my book and the very best in his field. His office staff and everyone there were just wonderful. They made me feel very comfortable and cared for. I would highly recommend Dr. Slywka and his entire staff.
—Sherron M.
Your talent, extraordinary; your staff, amazing; your kindness, priceless! Thank you!
—Jackie L.
I just wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude toward you all during my recent procedure. You made me feel more comfortable every time I called ar asked a question. You didn’t try to charge me an exorbitant fee and did not refuse a deposit to hold my procedure date. You came in on Christmas morning so that you could help me unwraap my best gift! Thank you for being helpful, understanding, patient and supportive throughout the entire process! To anyone considering a procedure, consider me your best sales rep! I will recommend this a thousand times! Thank you so much!
—Pru S.
I have spent many years with Dr. Slywka and his staff. It has always felt safe and comfortable. Thank you for taking great care each time!
—Cheryl B.
Every experience I've had in your office makes me feel well looked after and wonderful! I look forward to having more done in the future. Dr. Slywka always does a beautiful job and I never have to worry about the outcome. I refer everyone that’s looking for a plastic surgeon to your office.
—Christine L.
Your office was kind enough to see me and arrange for my care. I'll always remember your kindness. Thank you very much.
—Kathy W.
Just a short note to thank you for such personal and caring help when I came to your office. Since I have moved, I have felt like I left a friendship behind with your office staff and nurses. I think of you often and wanted to say thank you again.
—Lynne S.
I wanted to thank you for the wonderful surgery you have done. You and your staff always made me feel so special and you are a great doctor. Thank you!
—Michelle L.
I was not quite sure what to say, I feel like an extension of your family with all of you. It has been a long, long time (30 years) Wow! I will always be so grateful for the compassion, grace and kindness of the whole staff, Peggy, Judy, Marge, Sue and, of course, my true admiration for Dr. Slywka, a true artist, gentleman and professional in every way. Always calm and listening and wise. Thank you for helping me be and feel better about myself and understanding all of you so most sincerely, Your biggest fan.
—Teri A.
Teams achieve amazing results, win awards, praise and reach their objectives when they work together to meet their goals. This office led by Dr. Slywka is a prime example of teamwork. Each of your staff assisted me and played a role that added to my superior surgical experience. The staff exemplifies your own passion and enthusiasm for the patients. Your staff has sincere warmth and interest in their patients, as well as an extremely professional style. From the moment I called the office and spoke to Peggy seeking an appointment until the last check-up appointment, I felt totally at ease, safe and thoroughly cared for by this team. You are definitely a skilled and caring doctor in all arenas. You spent the appropriate amount of time to make sure that, as a patient, I understood the issues related to the surgery. Your surgical skills and results are outstanding.
I came in with few expectations and when I bought size 8 pants yesterday, I felt an immediate sense of satisfaction. My entire adult life I can only remember sizes 12 and 14, so I am proud and pleased to say that the surgery is yielding positive results after just 4 weeks.I sense that liposuction is not just about removing fat. I give major credit to your expertise in sculpting my body during this surgical procedure. I have been given a new lease on life as I adventure on to this next chapter of my life with a more youthful look and feel. I give my extreme thanks to you and your expertise for making this possible.
You and your entire staff worked to make my experience an extremely positive one. I would like to give an extra big shout out and thanks to Kathleen, who is an extremely skilled and passionate nurse. When the definition of a nurse is written, God would be looking for those with the attributes of Kathleen to work in His Kingdom for the benefit of those she serves. I feel blessed that Dr. Slywka has crossed my path of life and I am grateful to your and the entire staff for the contribution to the benefit of my body and my life.
—Beverly T.
I want to thank you for a wonderful augmentation! Everyone was wonderful from the front desk help to the doctor, nurses and the anesthetist! I just can't thank you enough. I recommend augmentation to anyone, especially after children! I get compliments all the time. I used to dread bathing suit season and now I can't wait for it to get here!
—Staci N.