Plastic Surgery Center of Thousand Oaks

FACE LIFT (Rhytidectomy)

Genetics, sun damage and even weight changes effect how women and men look as they age, often making them look older than they feel. A facelift is a surgical procedure to reduce the sagging of the mid-face, jowls and neck, with the goal of a natural-looking result. Most aging patients want to look better, not different. Over the past ten years I have been performing a MACS-lift which restores volume in a vertical direction with upward fixation of the SMAS fascia platysmal muscle complex and removal of excess skin. Skin incisions are in front of and behind the ear, and less frequently, under the chin. Often accompanied by liposuction in the neck and fat transfer to help restore depleted facial volume. A drainage tube is placed overnight, and a supportive head dressing is used for three or four days.
Specific instructions for after care will be given to your caretaker and during follow-up visits. Specific medications are prescribed.

BROW LIFT SURGERY (coronoplasty)

A full extensive forehead lift or coronoplasty is rarely performed. A less invasive surgery is the lateral temporal brow lift which will elevate the outer third of the eyebrow. If transverse forhead crease lines or vertical frown lines are present, they can be softened with Botox.


Blepharoplasty or surgery of the eyelids gives a rejuvenated appearance to the upper and/or lower eyelids, making you look more rested and alert.
Upper eyelid surgery can soften excess, bulging fat deposits that appear as puffiness, remove loose or sagging skin that creates folds effecting the natural contour of the eyelid. Sometimes this excess can impair vision and the removal of the redundant eyelid skin will be of benefit. Incisions in the upper lid are within the natural crease and in the lower lid just below the lash line extending a short distance into a lateral crease line.
Lower eyelid surgery also can conservatively remove excess bulging fat and skin. It can elevate the distance between the lid margin and the lid-cheek junction and tighten a lax lower lid. Often a fat transfer to the inferior bony orbit is added.