header spcrDr. Brian Slywka of the Plastic Surgery Center of Thousand Oaks specializes in natural-looking cosmetic plastic surgery of the face, eyes, neck and breast
Dr Brian Slywka
Some current thoughts and preferences from Dr. Brian Slywka:
“The purpose of my website is to keep you informed of my personal ideas of what I do in my practice of aesthetic plastic surgery. The most important goal is a safe surgery in a comfortable environment with a natural outcome ….. not a “new” you, but a “better” you.
  Concepts of ”what is in” evolve and change gradually. Certainly in the facial area, there has been a trend to less invasive procedures, with a quicker (although usually temporary) change to look better and this is most often achieved with fillers and Botox. However, with significant loss of facial volume and skin laxity in the face and neck only a surgical correction will give the best benefit. But I now feel, in the majority of my surgeries, that I can accomplish a great correction of these areas with a shorter scar facelift with less healing downtime and less expense.
  I only use breast implants, saline and gel, from Mentor Corporation which is the only maker of these devices in the United States. They provide great service to me and provide a great warranty on their products to my patients.
  Changes in surgical technique and new surgeries continue to evolve; as well as non-invasive procedures. Every surgeon should evaluate these and be comfortable to fit these into their practice if they so desire.”
                    — Brian Slywka

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